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Introducing the 30 Day Organic Attraction Makeover

This interactive program will guide you through a gentle “detox” of unhelpful attitudes and habits, opening up the way to real, organic attraction.

The program begins with permanent access to all the in-depth discussions from the summit, in video and audio format, so you can re-listen and review all the insights at your own pace.

We then proceed to the four-part interactive program where I will take you through the process I used to completely shift my way of understanding and dealing with men.

Each week of this four-week program will begin with a pre-recorded lesson that you can watch “on-demand” as your schedule permits. Then, we’ll have a live Q&A call later in the week where you get personal attention.

Each Q&A session will be recorded, and you can submit questions any time. Even if you can’t make the live session, you can have your questions answered.

After you’ve completed the four-week program, you can schedule a private, one-on-one session with me to deal with any remaining issues or challenges. This is not a "discovery call" or "strategy session." You get 30 full minutes of my time to help you with whatever you choose.

You’ll have permanent access to all the recorded trainings and Q&A sessions to review as often as needed.

Session 1: Timeless Truths from the Old World

Our lives are incredibly complex. We don’t realize it because we’ve grown accustomed to it. Flip a switch, and the light turns on. But what all goes on to make that happen?

My Grandmother was born well before World War 2, into a home with no electricity. She lived through two wars, and a communist dictatorship.

In this first session, I’ll share wisdom she taught me. You will see how simple it is to apply it to your situation. We’re all products of our time and place, but we can consciously choose to direct our path.

Session 2: Shining Knight or Silly Knucklehead?

Ancient fairy tales showed men as knights in shining armour. Modern TV sitcoms paint them as bumbling fools.

What’s the real truth? What are men really all about?

This part of our journey involves learning to love and appreciate men. We will spin that “love myself” well-meaning self-help advice to something simple and doable.

While the famous song “R E S P E C T” was written about women, it applies to men too. You’ll learn my powerful 7 step RESPECT formula for detoxing the unhealthy ideas we women develop about men.

I went on 500 dates to learn to appreciate men for who they were. You won’t have to go to all that trouble as I’ll shortcut the process for you.

Session 3: Rediscovering the Real You

Only by learning that women must complement and not compete with men, can we recover who we are. Women are complex creatures. We need love and connection to thrive.

The old fairy tale had a lot of insight, as the dragon standing between the knight and the damsel in distress was her own fear. Our men have to fight that battle to reach our hearts.

We yearn for that knight because this isn’t a battle we were meant to fight on our own. He needs to win it to come to himself.

True romance is really magical and wonderful. It’s part of our nature. We’ve lost touch with it because we’ve lost touch with ourselves. In this session, we are coming back home, to YOU, without comparison to other women. Without fear of not being good enough as you are.

Session 4: Building a Powerful Partnership

Life's a journey we’re meant to share. All the propaganda in the world can’t change our nature.

To shift from junk food to quality nutrition, you must make conscious choices. To find the “right” partner requires making a shift in attitude.

In this session, you’ll discover the steps to making a partnership work, and keep working, through thick and thin.

Private Session: Personal Consultation with Helena

30 minute one-on-one session with Helena to discuss whatever you want. This is not a "sales pitch" or "discovery session, but uninterrupted time devoted to you and your needs. 

Can you make a complete change in only 30 days?

Probably not. But you can make a major shift in direction!

  •  30 days is enough time to begin new habit actiavtion. It’s enough time to shift out of old ones. It’s enough time to reset your approach and start moving in a new direction.
  • The valuable information shared in the summit alone can change the way you look at men and relationships forever. But I want to make sure you give yourself the best chance to get there.
  •  You can have it all for the cost of the just the summit recordings.

Step 1

Immerse Yourself into the Summit Discussions

Step 2

Implement the Organic Attraction Makeover

Step 3

Integrate everything with a personal consultation.

That's not all. Join me and receive these  Exclusive Bonuses...

Bonus #1: Putting Your Best You Forward:

Guide to Writing Your Organic Online Dating Profile with templates ($100 Value)

Discovering the secrets of organic attraction will change the way men relate to you - forever. Online, your first impression is your dating profile, not you. It's the gatekeeper to your future. 

You need to shine through your profile, so it draws the right men to you, and pushes away the wrong ones. This guide will show you how to create a stunning profile, and includes proven templates my clients have used to find wonderful matches. 

I'll also hold a bonus Q&A call to answer any questions you may have about creating your profile. We can review your profile on your personal consultation if you like.

Bonus #2: $200 Voucher for Future Consultations

Get a "tuition reimbursement" towards future work with me ($200 Value)

My primary work is as a dating and relationship coach. As you get to know me through the course of the program (and your included personal consultation) you may choose to do further work together. If so, you may deduct double the price of this program off of your first session or coaching package. It's twice as good as getting this program for free!

You never know what will happen when you start relating at a whole new level. So this is a something you'll have "just in case..."​

Bonus #3: Audio Recordings of Summit Interviews

Download mp3 audios of all the sessions to listen in your car or on a walk ($50 Value)

You'll want to immerse yourself in the summit recordings as you dive more deeply into the program. Now you can do it on the go, anytime you want.

Are You Ready to Go For It?

30 Day Organic Attraction Makeover

You're just three steps away from having a whole new outlook about men and relationships. Why wait any longer?

  1. Permanent Access to the Summit Recordings in video and audio format. Immerse yourself in all the information shared.
  2. The Four-Week Core Program: Take a deep dive into recovering the roots of organic attraction as you gently detox the preservatives and propaganda to clear the way for building a powerful partnership.
  3. Personal Consultation with Helena: Follow up the four week program with a personal, 25 minute session to work on any remaining issues or "sticky wickets." This is not a "discovery call" or "strategy session." My time is yours to use however you choose.

See what some of Helena's clients have to say:

"Thank you for helping me open my eyes, my heart and my mind...."

"You help women realize it is okay to be feminine in this crazy world. You taught me to be a lady, not a tough business woman, in relationships. I closed the door to bad relationships and didn’t realize I opened myself up to finding the right man. We are exclusive, and I will be moving to Maui to be with him. Thank you for helping me open my eyes, my heart and my mind."

Tricia Evans  

"He feels like home to me..."

"So….great chemistry, developing communication, and strong contrast with compatibility – we are compatible, but we are very different from one another. Not sure how that would translate for the long term. I know that I am smitten and that I already miss him! …today I will focus on breathing… and staying in the moment… and savoring how this feels. He feels like home to me."

Andrea Schwab

I'm Ready for Full Makeover!

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30 Day Organic Attraction Makeover

Refunds & Guarantee Policy

During the event, all the interviews are 100% free to let you fully evaluate them before you make a purchase decision. This should be enough to determine if the program is right for you.

We guarantee that you will get the access to all the material - and that your private session with Helena Summer will not be a sales pitch, "discovery" or "strategy" call.

It's 100% no fluff, personal Coaching session, for you to ask any questions or work on emotional elements.

"...cleared the negative stuff in my head..."

"Instantly rewarded :) I sent love energy his way and cleared the negative stuff in my head (that had nothing to do with him) and I got a good night email with a beautiful song. Thank you for always setting me on the path of ease. Xoxo"

Stacy Soldokin

"You're the 'Miracle Worker!'"

"It is SO true Helena. You have a magic touch. I never knew anyone who could take me from sobbing to hysterically laughing as quickly as you do. You’re the ‘Miracle Worker!’ Much Love.

Kathie ‘Calli’ Eccard

Still Not Sure? Not a Problem!

That's why I put this event together. We don't get much in-depth discussion about this vital topic. The world we live in  is kept on a surface level, designed to sell shampoo or hair coloring or other magic potion. We're starving for more depth in every area of life. 

It's completely free for you to listen to each of the interviews. Make the time to focus on each one, without distraction. 

If something starts to stir deep within your heart, don't ignore it. Let it come out and expand. It's time to come alive again!

This Program Will Fan that Tiny Spark into a Flame!

You've got time to join the program at this special price until the end of the summit. Make sure it's right for you. You want to be ready to commit to the process when you do join.

I'm All In For a Fresh Start!

The 30 Day Organic Attraction Makeover Program is just a click away!

$297 Save $200 Before Midnight Wednesday, August 3rd

30 Day Organic Attraction Makeover

I am passionate about Dating, Love & Relationships because I struggled with an arranged marriage, divorce and finding new, compatible, chemistry-matching man. 

If you are already in a relationship, but the spark is gone, or you don’t understand each other, fear not! You can use some powerful tools that will transform your experience and enrich your marriage too.

Thanks for taking part with us.

Much love,

Helena Summer

P.S.: Thanks again for being part of this summit. I look forward to hearing your story of transformation!