Suzanne Heintz

Her satirical work, described as “equal parts theater and photography” 


Suzanne Heintz

an unusal artist. Conformity to a universally accepted way of life, Married Life, related issues on being human, and struggle with self, have been the primary focus of her work for over 15 years.

Suzanne had enough of growing pressure to hurry up and “git ‘er done” in the Marriage Department, as good girls do when their eggs are about to expire. So she took it upon herself to tell the World to “stick it,” declaring that happiness is not achieved through a checklist.

As an Actress, Artist, Filmmaker and Art Director for Television, Suzanne was no stranger to producing picture perfect scenes for the camera. So she set out to produce a series of photos and films, featuring herself, living the dream of domestic bliss with a pop-up perfect family, composed of mannequins. The human equivalent of Carnation’s Instant Breakfast, this was a family perfect as they come, and ready to go. And go she did - here, there, and everywhere one might take a family photo, including European vacations, all designed to charm a stunned Public into reconsidering the notion of “picture perfect.”

Shooting her images in public settings, she stops people in their tracks, all to get them talking. It worked. The World stopped to notice. The went viral on multiple occasions. From New York to Nigeria, this woman’s response to the pressure to be perfect, had jaws dropping, and opinions changing.