Dancing in Love's Garden of Delight

A Journey of a Woman Who Loves Herself

Watch the video below for a special message about this program:

If you prefer reading, I'm going to share what happened in writing.

Nothing good.   Just Bad & Ugly:

2016 started with 
cancer diagnosis for my husband. December 19th 2015. 

I was in shock!

It poked all my unconscious stories of loss, aloneness, abandonment and helplessness. It brought up memories of poverty, 
fragility and fear. Every weakness I ever had, came up to a surface, screaming into my face.

To survive, I had to do something powerful (and radical). I had to transform my thinking. Just like in 1991, when I was a war refugee.

Honestly, I cannot write a book on "3 steps to run away from 
refugee camp and became a nun", because I simply don't know how I did it. It was pure magic.

But, this 2016 year of hell.... I monitored every step and move. I know exactly what I 
did to:

  - get through diagnosis with 
positive attitude
  - stop bugging my husband
  - contribute to 
health of body (and our relationship)
  - remain sane
  - find inner peace
  - experience  sweet, calm, substantial joy

I took care of ME, while I was processing, crying or doubting. I was my own witness, 
detective and coach. Yes, I coached myself through it in a process I call: "Woman Who Loves Herself"

Although I spent hours learning about this fascinating topic of oncology, hours on mega healthy meals, hours on worrying each week.... I still managed to travel to California, New York & Hawaii (twice). I took 7 weeks off, created my biggest online event so far (remember I Love Men Summit?), Interviewed 30 people, got amazing results with my clients and produced stable income in my biz, almost exactly matching last years.

I hired a cancer coach, femininity coach, accountability mentor and a personal trainer. I also took on Tae Kwon Do, floating, gardening, improv 
comedy and driving.

I had friends visiting from Europe. I helped neighbors children.... and got sweet peace, 100% peace about politics. 
I read 46 audiobooks (well, the authors read them to me, I listened!!), gave 
95th loan to Kiva and supported 4 medical funds of other people.

How was all that possible?
Because of the "Woman Who Loves Herself" process. I lived in a question most of the time.

This project is very intimate and dear to me. 
I was planning on teaching it in 2018, but I want to offer it sooner, as a beta test, to only 5 women.

I want to help you start 2017 the way you never experienced before.
it will be intensive. Powerful. Deep. Authentic and REAL.
No fluff.
Pure transformation.

Frankly, when I wrote the email you replied to, I was not aware that 18 women will reply, with "I want this".
But I can only take 5.

I stand for quality over quantity. I stand for deep connection and transformation.
It's not just about women who can pay.
It's about women who want to play. Full on.
It's much deeper.

Technical part:

It's a 
6 month coaching program.
Starting: Mid January

We will be covering 3 levels each week:
   - Body & Environment
   - Heart & Emotions
   - Mind & Thoughts

BIG VISION:  Radically Transforming the way we think and the way we see things!

We will create a PLATFORM from where that vision is attainable

Five most committed women will get: 
                3 private 1on1 sessions with me, each month
                Monthly group Q&A call with me and a co-host, Mike
                - pre-recorded weekly content & assignments
                - email support

Program investment $2000 per month for 6 months

Since it's BETA testing - only $997 per month for 6 months

Plus bonuses:

 - Group Beautification day each month
 - Live Event at the end of the program, so we can hug and share love
 - A few other surprises along the way...

If you are ready to commit, click the big orange button to sign up now...

If you are unsure and have a specific question, just reply to the email you received about this with three times you will be available to discuss, and your phone number or skype and I will contact you. (Keep in mind I'm in Hawaii for 10 days so make it afternoon or evening if you are in the mainland US)

With MUCH gratitude for your love and your sweetness, wishing you a happy and Delicious New Year!

With all of my Love,

Helena Summer