TITLE: “I love men Experience”

Recovering the roots of organic attraction

There are a lot of misconceptions about Love, Romance and Partnering. We have created a society of ‘victims of love’. We are so addicted to “hook-up romance,” which, like junk food, leaves us empty, unsatisfied, and under-nourished..

We’ve fallen into a “battle of the sexes” as a societal norm. Our relationships lack sweetness, just as our foods have no flavor anymore. We’re as processed as what we eat, and everyone is suffering for it.

We have lost the deliciousness in our lives together, just as with the organic taste of food.  Real, organic, powerfully effective co-creative partnerships are being suffocated by the Fast-food, instant-junk GMO imitation promoted in the media and all around us.

200 years ago, everything we ate was organic. Life centered around planting and harvest. Today we have an abundance of food and yet have to make effort conscious effort to find something real. Eating involves a commitment to a healthy way of life. It requires understanding of the entire eco system. It requires patience and protection of our environment.

Same with Love, 200 years ago, we loved wisely. We had to work together to survive. Now we have choices everywhere, it’s so easy to bail out and move on with the slightest inconvenience. Today, we have to make conscious endeavor to step up. To infuse our partnerships with mindfulness. Actively go out and seek the value in people. And BE the value. Intentional love is not instant noodle soup.

Media presents a shallow picture of love, one in which we can never succeed. It’s so exciting, like sizzling hamburgers that look so good, but after we eat them, leave us sick…. Just as we’re surrounded by sick, obese, and unhealthy people because of our foods, the state of love and relationships is shocking. All the while, we’re presented with this artificial love in such an innocent way, to keep us craving it, hoping next one will work out better, or just getting our jollies and moving on.

Women are afraid of men. Criticizing and emasculating them, being bitter and man-hating is fashionable.
Men are afraid of women. Closing off, using them for short-term satisfaction, not protecting them, leaving them pregnant.

Countless children grow up without any idea of what family, marriage and partnership is, doomed to repeat the cycle.

It’s not about blaming each other. It’s about understanding the context in the world we find ourselves in. We are here together to find a more healthy, organic way of being, just like we are doing with food.

We live a very complex life. If our own great-grandparents were to come to the life we live now, it would take them a long time to adapt to this speed and tempo. If we were to examine modern life as an outsider, we would understand that it’s not simple.

Neither is the answer to our relationship dilemma.

We turn on the switch and light goes on. Instantly. But what’s behind the scenes is a complex, interconnected system.

Because we are so fast food addicted, we think that if something doesn’t have a simple answer for our limited brain can understand, there is no answer – if we think at all. It’s amazing what we take for “normal,” isn’t it?

As the expert on topic of REAL LIFE, I want to bring out most passionate side of you! A side of you that you normally don’t share. The power in you that stands against this war between each other, the YOU that is the genuine messenger of authenticity..

The goal is to bring together different perspectives. We want a  wide range of experts to shine a light on how to address different aspects of this situation.

To open up a wider space for understanding each other. To bring out ways that we can learn to function better together. We are here to bring out the best of each other. Men are ok. Women are ok. We build the world together. We can’t survive without each other, and can’t thrive until we learn to love each other.

DATES: Starting May 2nd

Skype Video recording, 45-60 min each.
Final video 30-45 min

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COMPENSATION: 50% of the sales from the recordings and 50% from the sales of the 5 week course